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MAGGIE JACKSON SINGS CHRISTMAS                              Order it now!


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Let it Snow
Little Girls and Little Boys
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (instrumental, Bach-feel, fun)
The Christmas Song
Christmas Joys  *
Count Your Blessings
Jingle Bells
Santa Baby
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
It's Christmas at our Place  *
When a Child is Born
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The Gathering  *
The Baby Christmas Tree  (story)  *

* composed by Maggie


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Recorded  2009


This is my first  Christmas cd, one I felt compelled to do. I wanted to bring a gentle spirit, with some great jazz easy forty's style to the season. We all  have been battered from one bad news story to the next. I wanted to ease the pain, and somehow help you to stay still in the music, breathe, relax and switch off.


There is a little story which I wrote for my family and I thought you all might like to hear it. It's at the very end of the cd. Thank-you  for bringing me into your lives at this most wonderful time of year,
God bless and Merry Christmas,  Maggie



Maggie Jackson Sings Christmas
This album is a fresh take on some old Christmas favourites - Let it Snow, Jingle Bells and Santa Baby to name a few. The artist is a Castlemaine resident with an amazingly warm and soulful voice that embodies the magic of Christmas. Not only does she sing, she plays the piano as well. The album is a mixture of genres from jazz to blues. Maggie grew up in a musical family and has released many albums prior to this one. I really enjoyed this album and am looking forward to sharing it with my family this Christmas.

Reviewed by Kate Griffiths
Bendigo Advertiser

November 28th, 2009


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Readings St. Kilda
Readings Carlton



 BLISSFUL INTERLUDES                                                      Order it now!


Track List List

Wistful Maiden
Awakening Love
East Meets West
Jazz Flowers
Parisian Interlude
Woodbrook Dreaming
Mother Earth's Yearning
Sweet Jasmine
Parisian Cha Cha




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Recorded  2008


This is a beautiful evocative cd presenting piano, and ensemble works all composed and performed by Maggie. The music reflects many moods.  At times, playful, soulful, wistful,  ..... Other pieces like Sweet Jasmine, and  Dragonflies have exciting changes, jazz feel, Brubeck.  There is a touch of the Bill Evans sound in Jazz Flowers and a  touch of the whimsical in the piece inspired by Lisa Simpson in the Simpsons. Parisian Cha Cha, track 12, will have you dancing around the kitchen. The Irish Poet, Yeats' piece, Ephemera is spoken by Maggie with her own written accompaniment, a very moving piece about Passion.


Maggie has included Mother Earth's Yearning.  This work was commissioned by Wendy Stravrianos, an amazing contemporary painter, for her exhibition in The Bendigo Art Gallery.  The work is almost classical in its use of instruments and timing and is deeply moving.


How do you place such a cd? That will be up to the listener. This music with its acoustic grand piano, digital piano, ensembles, bass, flute percussion has been composed and written to
accompany you through different moments in your day. The music was written by Maggie to sooth the soul, remind us we are not alone, and that life is meant to be celebrated.  This is Maggie's first cd without vocals, all other five cds feature her love of singing, jazz and celtic.  It was always a cd that had to be made.



MAGGIE JACKSON -BUTTERFLIES IN SPRING                   Order it now!



Track List

Send In The Clowns

Nature Boy

Do Nothing ‘til You Hear From Me

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Not While I’m Around


Grandma’s Hands

Dragon flies


Maggie’s Passion

Introducing Ms.




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Recorded  2004

This CD is very different from the past CD's I have made. For one thing I have included some of my own compositions and also have the great joy of introducing my daughter, Kate. My love of live CD's stems from the intimate connection I feel with the audience. The recording explores Jazz, Celtic and the show song - Not While I’m Around from Sweeny Todd. I wrote three instrumental compositions for the album. I love this CD. There are many rooms in music, and sometimes we smudge the styles .... come with me into this new room.



MAGGIE JACKSON  - HOT, COOL & BLUE JAZZ                 Order it now!


Track List


Night In Tunisia

I've Got a Crush On You

Beginning To See The Light

Don't Blame It On My Youth

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

But Not For Me


Write Myself a Letter







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Recorded in 2000

ABC recording of the month! 


This CD features great musicians,  great arrangements  and great songs, all performed with great joy.  A recording I am most proud of.

The sultry sounds of Scott Tinkler on trumpet, Mark Fitzgibbon on piano and the standard of arrangements brought together a great sound. Surrounded by brilliant young musicians – great music happened!

Some of the work is studio, some live, some remastered. Michael, my son wrote all the arrangements.


Maggie Jackson - vocals, piano

Anoton Delecca - saxophone

Simon Tinkler - trumpet

Patrick Witty - saxophone

Simon Whitney - double bass

Malcolm Neat - drums, percussion

Michael Jackson - double bass, piano

Arrangements by Michael Jackson

Produced by Maggie Jackson



MAGGIE JACKSON  - COMING HOME                                 Order it now!


Track List

Spanish Lady

She Moved Through The Fair


The Foggy Dew

'Oro' Se' Do Bheatha' Bhaile

Mary Of Dunloe


My Bonny Boy









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Recorded in 1997


This CD is the first in my journey back to Ireland, back to my roots.

All my life I knew that I was part of many who had come before me. I struggled with my loyalties for my adopted country and for the country where I was born. The joy that I felt when I sat down at my piano and penned these words, the release of deep emotion as I realised that I was a child of both lands and that there was no need to choose - because such a choice is impossible. 

O peace is found in seeking, and peace is found in truth,

Blessed both with pride and yearnings at last I know it’s so,

I am a child of both lands, and now deeply believe,

My roots are from an ancient time, at last I am set free,

My roots are from an ancient time; at last I am set free. 

Maggie Jackson, 11April, 1997. Castlemaine

This CD gave me the opportunity to unite some wonderful musicians. My son Mick Jackson, my nephew, Justin O’Dowd and many others. The songs are greatly loved, moving, evocative and beautiful.

I wrote the song, Freedom, inspired by Riverdance.



MAGGIE JACKSON  - THE GERSHWIN AFFAIR                   Order it now!


Track List

Foggy Day / Not For Me

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Somebody To Watch Over Me

Nice Work If You Can Get It

I've Got a Crush On You

Embraceable You

Do What You Do

Our Love Is Here To Stay

The Man I Love


Here's To Life



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Recorded in   1994


This CD was recorded live at Mietta’s in Melbourne in November, 1994. I had been invited to be part of a month celebrating women performers. I was honoured to be in such great company.     


This CD was the result of lots of hard work from not only me but my son, Mick Jackson who was my arranger and pianist. We gave a series of three concerts to sell-out audiences and left the recording until the last, hoping we had honed all our skills by then. The music of Gershwin and the arrangements, the band and all of us came together that night. This recording has been re-released five times. It is one of my most successful CD's to date.


I am very proud of the band. Mick insisted that I only worry about singing, except for three numbers and it paid off. I love the sound, even after all these years.





Track List

Mary Of Dunloe
Carrick Fergus

'Oro' Se' Do Bheatha' Bhaile

She Moved Through The Fair
How 'Bout You
I Cover The Waterfront


As Time Goes By

Can't Help Loving That Man Of Mine

Don't B;lame Me


Chatanooga Choo Choo

Recorded in 1991


This album is dedicated to my dad who was my inspiration and the great love of my life. He had a chance to hear the finished product before he died.


The songs chosen for the album reflected the type of music I was performing at the time. I wanted the feel of a live performance so we recorded the voice and the piano together. I played the concert grand and it was wonderful. The whole album was put down in two sessions. I was lucky to have a great engineer, Doug Perkins, at Metropolis in Melbourne.  We were looking for a New York feel with the Jazz and I just wanted so much to record the Irish ballads I had loved all my life.


My favourites in Celtic - The Foggy Dew, and in the Jazz - Misty.


This recording is currently unavailable.