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A great night to be had, the best of food and  wine, and the very best of Hot, Cool, Jazz, both coming to you straight from the Soul,  see you there, love and God bless,    Maggie


Many years of playing all over Australia, with her brothers and sisters, recording and television performances,
many wonderful events such as, playing in the Myer Music Bowl, The Arts Centre for The Irish Government and St. Patrick's Day in the Fitzroy Gardens all became the fabric of her life before she went solo and concentrated on jazz and writing and recording music. To date she has recorded seven cds, three that went on to become ABC Cd of the Week, one wholly her own piano and ensemble compositions and two DVDs.


Her solo and ensemble work has taken her to the leading hotels in Melbourne, being invited to perform at the famed Mietta's Month of Divas where she recorded The Gershwin Affair, a cd that went on to become one of her best sellers, with multiple pressings. This was recorded live which makes it very special to Maggie. Her son, Michael, a highly accomplished musician based in Canada wrote all the arrangements and played piano and double bass for the cd. Maggie concentrated on voice but still chose to accompany herself on three tracks.

Along this journey Maggie has realized the power of one, and worked tirelessly to push her music and also provide encouragement for up and coming young musicians who are passionate about their work, always including them to give them a leg up.