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My story began when I was three years old. I remember clinging to my mother, my brothers and sister as we climbed the gangway onto a big ship leaving Dublin for Australia. There were six of us, and a great big black trunk with a white shamrock painted on it. For many years to come this journey would prove to have changed the course of all our lives. 

My family life was full of music, my dad was an Irish tenor and my mother both writer and beautiful singer. I grew up thinking every child was surrounded by music; we had a band and had many great adventures. Such memories - our
O'Dowd Family Show Band produced two L.P.’s, appeared in television specials, concerts in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens and the Myer Music Bowl, and performed all over Australia. We played for all occasions, from big events to country balls and weddings. It was a rich and varied childhood, never dull, always together. All through my life music has been my constant companion and I have had the chance to explore all the rooms of music - Jazz, Celtic and Classical.

The Dream begins ……. I remember my excitement about my first solo tape.

Now I have been solo for many years, appearing at The Hilton, the Regent Hotel, the Castlemaine Festival and at many other venues, festivals and special occasions.

Music for me is a window to the soul. I thank God for the ability to look through that window and to be able to express what I see through music.

God bless -


Birth of Spring